Community Use Zone (CUZ)

Community Use Zone (CUZ)


CRBR potentially foster economic and human development, which is socio-culturally and ecologically sustainable.

  • A community (Ulu Senagang & Mongool Baru) made up of 35 families comprising 200 people is located within CRP that is the core zone of CRBR (Appendix 2). Sustainable agriculture and natural resource use are practised in the village, and Sabah Parks (Parks management authority), together with the village community, are jointly developing the co-management zone called Community Use Zone(CUZ). The borders of CUZ and detailed functions, and the use of the area have been formulated and being implemented.

Ulu Senagang & Mongool Baru (USMB) are located within the CRP, which is part of the core zone of the CRBR. It has been contentious whether Sabah Parks allowed them to reside in the park or not since the Parks Enactment in 1984 does not have such provision. However, sustainable human activities are important even within the Park. Thus, Sabah Parks amended the Enactment to present the community in the Park but subject to some conditions. Sabah Parks and the community have tried to use a developing collaboration by introducing the Community Use Zone Management Committee for the past 8 years so as to practice co-management. After several consultations, the Board of Trustees of the Sabah Parks has agreed that the Community Use Zone Management Committee (CUZ-MC) should be established rather than the MoU. This Committee consists of one (1) Chairperson, five (5) representatives from the community, and five (5) representatives from the relevant government agencies who have the expertise and means to provide assistance to ensure sustainable use of the area. The CUZ-MC was officially launched on the 14th of February 2014.